Choosing a Custom Home BuilderLook at the Builders’ Work

Buying or building a custom home is one of the most significant investments you will make. So choosing the right home and the right builder is paramount. The Custom Builders Council understands the importance of this decision and wants to help provide some guidance. The necessity of good research can not be understated. You are going to need reliable information so that you can reach the decision that is right for you.

This information is reprinted from the Custom Builders Council web site.  Here are additional tips on "Selling Your Existing Home" and on "Buying A New Home".

Make sure you’ve seen at least two examples of the Builders’ work. Touring the homes will tell you volumes about how they build and how it might fit you. If you’ve got specific needs ask if the Builder has an example of how they met a similar need. If you’ve got a lot or the Builder has one that you’re interested in, meet the Builder on the lot. The land can dictate many parameters of building and it is best to know up front what those might be.