Choosing a Custom Home BuilderBe a Great Client

Buying or building a custom home is one of the most significant investments you will make. So choosing the right home and the right builder is paramount. The Custom Builders Council understands the importance of this decision and wants to help provide some guidance. The necessity of good research can not be understated. You are going to need reliable information so that you can reach the decision that is right for you.

This information is reprinted from the Custom Builders Council web site.  Here are additional tips on "Selling Your Existing Home" and on "Buying A New Home".

After doing all this research, you probably will be down to a short list of Builders. Now it is time for you to choose. Gather a notebook of resource photos of home details that you like. Include exterior elevations, architectural styles and elements. Pull these photos from home and architectural magazines. Bring this wish book with you and talk to the Builders about what you want, what your timeline is and what your budget is. Does the Builder think the project is realistic? Does the Builder think it is interesting? The decision on which Builder should build your home will start to appear. It is essentially a mutual selection process.