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Some of the most frequent questions we receive from interested folks are:

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Absolutely!  As a custom builder we can incorporate changes more easily than production builders. Our contract gives you a separate allowance for the selection of each ammenity such as appliances, cabinets, countertops, tile, lighting and plumbing fixtures. You may spend these as you see fit in order to get what you want in your home. If the cost of the items you select are less than the allowance, we will credit the difference back to you. If the cost is greater than the allowance, you may apply credit from another item or add the cost difference to the total contract cost.

Whenever such a change occurs, we issue a Contract Change Order which identifies the credit or debit amount and it's effect on the Total Contract Cost. We both sign the Contract Change Order and you get a copy. This makes our contract with you a "living" document which gives you the flexibility you need. We charge a 20% builder's fee for all Contract Change Orders which increase the total cost of the home. This fee covers our overhead and the Gross Receipts Taxes for the increased cost.